John Heussenstamm


years 2000 to present
Album Year Venue Song genre mp3 play time mp3 sample play time
Live at the Pageant 2005 Laguna Beach Pageant Spider In My Web blues 7:26   1:12
King YT 2005 studio Don't Walk into the Blues funky country blues   4:35   0:30
YT Blues blues   3:29   1:02
Law of Old
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2002 studio Saved by the Blues blues 5:12   1:37
Once And For All blues 5:07   1:44
Guitar Talkin'
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2000 studio the Bouncer funky jazz 4:55   0:48
Domingo latin jazz 5:44   0:49
Live at the Pageant: Ron Kobayashi piano, Baba Elefante bass, Leo Vigil drums
King YT: Leo Vigil drums
Law of Old: Thelma Jones vocals, John Heussenstamm guitar, Vernon Porter bass,
Mario Rossi drums, Steve Wood organ
Guitar Talkin': Lester McFarland bass, Dave Spurr drums, Scott Phillips percussion

 years 1990 to 1999
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Album Year Venue Song genre mp3 play time mp3 sample play time
Light Touch 1998 Laguna Beach Blues Festival Summertime light jazz 5:42   0:49
Johnny Malibu 1994 studio (Santa Barbara, CA) Whoa rock   3:09   1:03
Movin On to a Higher 1992 studio Dont Kiss Me Now funk/rock   2:43   0:55
Ain't Goin Down There blues/polka boogie 3:21   0:59
Light Touch: Lester McFarland bass, Dave Spurr drums
Johnny Malibu: Dennis Dragon drums, extra vocals
Movin On to a Higher: Matt Marshall bass, Alan Diaz drums

years 1980 to 1989
Album Year Venue Song genre mp3 play time mp3 sample play time
Honest Living 1988 studio (Western Australia) Cheese, Bread and Carrots new age 3:18   0:50
Swing No Evil new age jazz 5:52   0:50
Cloud Hidden 1988 studio (Western Australia) Journeys of DrSingh world music 8:52   0:59
Nameless Wanderer 1987 studio (Western Australia) I Hear the Angels rock ballad 7:49   0:54
the Alligators Live 1985 Great Western Hotel, Australia When I First Got to Perth blues   6:46   1:08
Cowarump Stomp hillbilly rock 5:47   0:49
Honest Living: Wendy Porter woodwinds
Cloud Hidden: Dr Singh tabla
the Alligators Live: John Dalzell bass, Al Kash drums, Matt Taylor harmonica all rights reserved by NF Lesbians

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