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John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitars.

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# play time date added make / model topics
 1 10:33 02-25-2008 Fender American Deluxe Series Telecaster Telecaster music; contoured body; rosewood stringer, truss rod, old slab neck; different heights on tuning posts; pitch angle; string guide; Jerry Donahue, Doyle Dykes string bending; abalone dot inlays; jumbo frets; alder body, tone wood; easy high fret access; samarium cobalt noiseless (SCN) pickups, Bill Lawrence; chrome-plated brass bridge pieces; "ashtray" bridge; S-1 switching button.
 2 8:56 06-17-2009 Fender Stratocaster 1962 reissue made in Japan; similarity to original; electronics; cost; maple neck; Kluson machine heads; string tree or guide; pitch angle; nut tension; sizzle or buzz; rosewood fretboard vs maple;clay dots; 3 pickups, 5 way switch; tone controls; whammy bar tricks, steel pedal sound; angled output jack vs Gibson ES-335.
 3 9:21 07-01-2008 Gibson ES-335 reissue jazz music; dot neck reissue; Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge; Alnico humbucking pickups; tone controls; laminated maple body; binding; mahogany neck; semi-acoustic; Grover machineheads; pitch angle; Corian® nut; input jack.
 4 7:26 05-23-2009 Gibson ES-175 plywood top; scale length; mahogany vs maple neck; humbucking pickups, 60 cycle hum; Pat Martino fast jazz runs; archtop guitar; trapezoid tailpiece; Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge; binding.
 5 8:26 06-19-2009 Gibson Les Paul 1954 reissue made in 1972; mahogany body; no volute; deluxe Kluson machine heads; mahogany fretboard; binding; trapezoid inlays; P-90 single coil pickups, Gibson logo; funk music; 3 way switch; gold top, maple cap; plastic covers; relatively light weight; wraparound bridge for easy bending.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are John's only, and he is not responsible for any purchasing decisions the viewer of these videos may make as a result of these comparisions. As of the date of these reviews, John does not have any direct commercial relationship with any of the companies whose products he is evaluating, with the exception noted.

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