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John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitars.

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 1 7:55 07-11-2009 Gibson ES-300 Hollow Body started making in 1940; single P-90 pickup; used in Rock Around the Clock by Danny Cedrone; late 40's model; archtop with plywood top; sunburst maple back; sunburst neck; rosewood fretboard, parallelogram inlays; binding; tortoise shell pickguard with binding; no cutaway; good for jazz; classic design.
 2 8:46 07-13-2009 Taylor T3/B semi-hollowbody designed for high volume; scale length; higher frets for easier string bendability; ebony fretboard; sapele wood body; T-Lock™ neck joint; quilted maple top; Bigsby tremolo bar; humbucking pickups with push-pull volume control knob to split coil; push-pull tone control knob with mid-range boost; versatility; small rounded, adjustable bridge pieces for easy string gliding.
 3 8:30 07-31-2009 Fender Squier Duo-Sonic similar to Fender MusicMaster; two single-coil AlNiCo pickups; 3 way switch; only 1 volume and tone control; originally a student guitar; 24 inch neck, easier to play; maple neck; plastic buttons on machine heads; string tree; taller frets for easier bending; aluminum pickguard; vintage reissue; Desert Sand color; bridge with barrel saddles; input jack; cost; fret saw cut visible.
 4 8:58 08-01-2009 Fender Limited 1964 Stratocaster Relic ® recreation of 1964 model; distressed; made in Corona, CA, USA; maple neck, rosewood fretboard, clay dots; larger frets for easier bends; 5 position switch; mint green pickguard; synchronized tremolo bridge; cost, handmade by luthier; versatile guitar.
 5 10:15 08-08-2009 Custom Telecaster ® assembled by John; expensive Grover machine heads; flat neck made by Joe Glaser in Nashville; mother of pearl or abalone dots; pickguard made by Allparts; one piece body by B. Hefner Co.; standard Fender reissue neck pickup; Custom Shop reissue bridge pickup; brass barrels on bridge; final setup may require assistance.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are John's only, and he is not responsible for any purchasing decisions the viewer of these videos may make as a result of these comparisions. As of the date of these reviews, John does not have any direct commercial relationship with any of the companies whose products he is evaluating, with the exception noted.

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