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John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitars.

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# play time date added make / model topics
 1 6:41 06-25-2009 Gibson SG Standard solid mahogany; neck block fortified; SG Standard vs other models; binding; trapezoid inlays; humbucking pickups; 60 cycle hum; rock guitar; light weight vs Les Paul; briefly getting out of tune.
 2 6:18 12-19-2008 Ibanez Artcore AS73B similar to Gibson ES-335; pickup sound; good for blues; setup or action; pinstriping; Gibson Nashville style bridge; 3 way switch; f-holes, semi-acoustic; price, value; fusion; light vs heavy strings.
 3 7:50 02-17-2009 Taylor Solid Body Custom Bob Taylor; iconic guitars; walnut top; sapele wood; Taylor machine heads; beveled or contoured body; T-Lock™ neck joint; aluminum bridge; humbucking pickups; five position switch sound demonstrations; single-coil sound; thin sound; blues sound.
 4 8:03 06-14-2009 Gibson Barney Kessel model jazz; Barney Kessel pioneer; trio music; combining jazz lines with chords; solid spruce top; figured flame maple back; cherry sunburst tiger stripe neck; larger Gibson headstock; Trini Lopez model; rosewood fretboard; bow-tie inlays; Tune-o-matic bridge; rosewood bridge piece; hollow body blues sound; T-Bone Walker sound; trapeze tailpiece; made in 1965.
 5 5:04 07-22-2008 DeArmond Les Paul copy bolt on neck; cheap slide guitar; raise fixed bridge; whammy bar; cheap pickups, heavy strings; open F tuning; open G tuning; Fender.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are John's only, and he is not responsible for any purchasing decisions the viewer of these videos may make as a result of these comparisions. As of the date of these reviews, John does not have any direct commercial relationship with any of the companies whose products he is evaluating, with the exception noted.

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