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John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitars.

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# play time date added make / model topics
 1 7:52 12-12-2008 Schecter Hellraiser C-1 quilted maple top; mahogany body, 3 piece mahogany neck; set neck vs neck thru vs bolt-on; Grover machine heads; abalone binding and cross inlays; accessible cut-away; 24 frets, 2 octaves; EMG low impedance battery charged pickups vs Alnico pickups; push-pull pots for single or double coil; thin sound; funk sound; versatile guitar; price; heavy metal shred sound.
 2 7:34 12-02-2008 Epiphone Les Paul Nuclear Extreme affordable price, Gibson budget line; set-in vs bolt-on neck; balanced sound of pickups; stud tailpiece; Tune-O-Matic bridge sweep, point of contact; rosewood fretboard; made in Korea; Honduras mahogany; quality control; side by side comparision with Gibson Les Paul; encased machine heads; binding; tuning knobs; humbucking pickups.
 3 7:37 12-17-2008 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II ornamentation; made in Indonesia; tree of life inlay; binding and pinstriping; maple neck; Grover ® machine heads; laminated maple back; blonde jazz guitar; spruce top; ebony fretboard; block mother of pearl inlays; price, inexpensive; Gibson L5, Super 400, Guild X-175; Ibanez Joe Pass model.
 4 5:15 11-15-2008 AXL Badwater Eldorado SE Telecaster, Stratocaster type sound; Johnson Company; single coil pickups; hardtail Strat type bridge; sustain; patina; 3 position switch; funk music, James Brown type sound; alder body; maple neck; rosewood fretboard; cost.
 5 9:19 12-15-2008 PRS SE Custom Tremolo modeled after expensive PRS; cost; flame maple top; maple binding; mahogany body; PRS machine heads (traditional); black plastic nut; whammy bar system; best of Les Paul and Fender tremolo; Zebra humbucking pickups; rosewood fretboard; crescent moon inlays; 22 fret neck; nice funky blues sound; sharp bridge piece; single tone and volume controls; cutaways; knob joining neck and body; value.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are John's only, and he is not responsible for any purchasing decisions the viewer of these videos may make as a result of these comparisions. As of the date of these reviews, John does not have any direct commercial relationship with any of the companies whose products he is evaluating, with the exception noted.

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