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Guitar Tapping or Double-Handed Tapping

Double-Handed Tapping is explained and demonstrated in detail, and various exercises to develop this technique are shown.

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# play time date added description
 1 4:03 09-05-2009 Using the A minor pentatonic scale, double-handed tapping is introduced. Various exercises are developed that demonstrate the technique by alternating strings, using open strings, and using different notes on the same string. Then two fingers on the right hand are used to get even more variety, and finally tapping is shown using the notes of the major (diatonic) scale.
 2 3:16 09-12-2009 The previous lesson is continued with the use of hammer-ons instead of pull-offs, and various exercises are given to practice the technique.
 3 1:36 10-03-2009 Tapping exercises using hammer pulls are demonstrated, and constrasted with the triplet exercises shown in lesson #1 in this series.
 4 3:14 10-10-2009 The final lesson in this series shows tapping exercises using pull-offs and hammer-ons, mixing a rock riff with tapping, and tapping by using two complete positions of the minor pentatonic scale. In addition, John demonstrates a nice sounding tapping melody.

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