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Power Chords

Power chords were briefly introduced in the Course on Chords, but these 9 self-contained lessons cover the subject in much more detail.

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# play time date added description
 1 2:01 08-21-2009 introduction to power chords and their use in rock, shred, and heavy metal. With distortion, the sound of power chords vs open position chords is contrasted.
 2 2:02 08-21-2009 the composition of mini power chords using 5th intervals is discussed, and the chord patterns and fingerings are also explained.
 3 2:24 08-21-2009 it is shown how to use mini power chords intelligently through the use of melodies.
 4 3:14 08-21-2009 introduction to power chord picking technique begins with a discussion of palm muting (P.M.), or damping, of mini power chords.
 5 3:06 08-22-2009 power chord picking technique is expanded upon with the demonstration of tremolo or alternate picking of mini power chords. Then simple melodies are created and played with this technique.
 6 3:04 08-22-2009 full power chords are introduced, and contrasted with mini power chords, and the different ways to finger them are explained. Some melodies with full power chords are played, and tremolo or alternate picking is demonstrated with these chords.
 7 3:46 08-24-2009 power chords are played pedaling an open string, and inverted power chords are explained.
 8 2:28 08-25-2009 the positions on the different strings of mini, full, and inverted full power chords are shown, and a simple melody is played with power chords.
 9 3:16 08-29-2009 the ease of playing full power chords with drop D tuning is explained.

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