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Major (diatonic) Scales and Chords

Major (diatonic) scales are explored in more detail, and a chord scale is built from the major scale.

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 1 3:11 04-19-2009 John explains why one would want to learn the diatonic scale(s) when playing blues, jazz, or rock. Sample melodies or riffs from one of these scales are given, and are mixed and contrasted with the sound of the pentatonic scales already covered.
 2 3:48 04-19-2009 the seven positions of the C major diatonic scale are played and tabbed. The next and other future lessons will make clear why John prefers these seven positions to the commonly taught five positions.
 3 4:40 04-19-2009 the five positions of the C major diatonic scale, as taught by many instructors, are played and tabbed. John explains where they come from, as well as why he prefers the 7 positions with 3 notes per string covered in the previous lesson.
 4 2:12 04-19-2009 Just like there are riffs for the pentatonic scales, there are riffs for the major (diatonic) scale as well. John introduces a major scale riff in this lesson.
 5 3:17 05-19-2009 John creates a harmonized scale in the key of C major, starting with the Cmaj7 chord. Each chord of this scale only contains notes from the C major scale.
 6 4:25 05-23-2009 John takes the harmonized scale described in the previous lesson to create some sample chord progressions. Then notes from the C major scale are added to the progression to create a chord melody.

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