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Introductory Chord Lessons

These introductory chord lessons cover the CAGED system, bar chords, 7th chords, minor 7th chords, chord inversions, 9th chords, right-handed technique, and power chords.

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# play time date added description
 1 3:47 05-16-2007 introduction to the CAGED chord system, and six open position major chords (C, A, G, E, D, F) are shown.
 2 1:56 02-22-2009 3 open position minor chords are introduced (Am, Em, Dm), and the capo is briefly discussed as part of introductory comments on bar chords.
 3 2:08 09-05-2009 the major and major 7th chords are derived from the major (diatonic) scale. A simple melody using major 7th chords is played, and includes tabs.
 4 3:02 05-17-2007 6 open position dominant or flatted 7th chords are shown (C7, A7, G7, E7, D7, B7). The dominant or flatted 7th chord is derived from the major (diatonic) scale. Several brief melodies using these chords are played.
 5 2:39 05-22-2007 introduction to bar chords, and demonstration of some chords, such as C minor, that were not part of the open position chords. Brief explanation of minor chord construction included.

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# play time date added description
 6 4:03 12-17-2008 4 different voicings or inversions of dominant or flatted 7th chords, where they come from, and one of the reasons why they are important to know.
 7 3:14 02-22-2009 minor 7th chords are introduced, and the 4 different inversions just shown are modified for these new chords. Includes a brief review of how minor chords are constructed, and the 3 open position minor chords.
 8 2:09 04-14-2009 9th chords are explained, and 3 different chord patterns are introduced.
9 3:17 04-14-2009 introduction to mini power chords and full power chords - where they come from, why they are used, and some simple melodies that contain them.