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Guitar Amplifier Reviews

John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitar amplifiers.

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# play time date added make / model topics
 1 10:00 07-07-2009 Fender
'57 Champ Reissue
no tone controls; higher and lower volume input jacks; 5 watt amp; point-to-point wiring vs circuit board; 8" Weber speaker; 6V6, 12AX tubes; blues turnarounds; dimensions; cost; .
 2 5:33 07-30-2008 Rivera Thirty Twelve Celestion speaker; tube amp vs solid state; Hendrix clear tube sound; two channels: Marshall pre-amp and Vox/Fender; spring reverb; distortion; volume boost; notch filter; funk guitar; Deniece Williams band.
 3 5:08 07-31-2008 Fender Deluxe Reverb silver face panel; point to point wiring; Matt Taylor; two clean channels; blues.
 4 8:11 10-08-2008 Evans RE150 jazz, authentic reproduction, Ron Eschete, distortion, clear amplifier, scruff dial, reverb, surf guitar amplifier, expand dial, body dial, depth dial (parametric equalizers), foot for tilting, price range.

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