John Heussenstamm

Guitar Amplifier Reviews

John calls upon his 40+ years of music and guitar experience to review and evaluate various popular guitar amplifiers.

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# play time date added make / model topics
 1 8:29 07-23-2008 Roland
Cube 30
bass and treble tone controls; digital reverb vs spring reverb; surf music; delay (echo); rockabilly; tremolo; tremolo plus reverb; flanger; phaser; digital distortion; stack classic; metal; black panel; blues.
 2 3:30 02-26-2010 Fender
Pro Junior Relic LTD
custom 10" speaker by Eminence; EL84 tubes; no standby switch; chicken head knobs; distressed (vintage) vs standard; light weight; good studio sound; demo with max volume.

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